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hateful Biased Place full of Evagelical "Christians", ban withou tnotice, suspencion withou tnotice not a fun place to be, owner of website a mental midget and think eevryone is persecuting him.
Do Not go to if you do not want to ingest volumes of aspirin
by anonymous June 17, 2006
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Visit the website Im not advertising it. just defending it... from people who have attacked it on this website..

Carm stands for Christian Apologetics Research Ministries.
CARM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to equip Christians and refute error. Learn about biblical Christianity so you can know God better, be more sanctified, and identify false teachings.Its purpose is to discuss various theological systems and examine them from a Christian perspective. CARM is useful in that it documents the religious beliefs of a system, analyzes them, and compares them to biblical revelation. For that end, it is mainly for the Christian; that is, it is primarily intended to help the Christian defend his/her faith better and to know why cults are cults.
By Christian, I mean someone who not only believes in and has accepted Jesus, but also includes the understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity and that Jesus is fully God as well as fully man. There are many false "christs" out there and just because someone says he or she is a Christian, does not make him one.
By cult, I mean a group or teaching that, in general, is unorthodox, esoteric, and has a devotion to a person, object, or a set of new ideas. By this definition many groups can be called cults. But, more specifically, CARM deals with groups that are non-Christain cults (though deals with others) and by this is meant a group that claims to be Christian yet deviates from biblical truth sufficiently to make salvation null. Of course, there are more generic definitions of the word cult and by some of them, all of us are in a cult in one way or another. Nevertheless, please see my article on an analysis of what makes a group cultic.
CARM stands in opposition to false "christs" such as the one in Mormonism which states that Jesus is the product of relations between god and his goddess wife who were both people on another world. CARM also does not consider Jehovah's Witnesses to be Christian, nor Christadelphians, nor Christian Science since they all deny orthodox, biblical doctrine, state God is something/someone He is not, and deny the full deity and/or humanity of Jesus.
There are other non-Christian groups mentioned on CARM and many more are in the works. But please examine CARM and compare it to Scripture. See whether or not it is biblical. See if CARM preaches the true doctrine of God, salvation, regeneration, etc.
Don't just believe everything you read.

If you are a member of one of the groups labeled as non-Christian by CARM, please remember that my intention is not to offend. Rather, it is to inform. Unfortunately, doing this means I step on theological toes.

Eternity is a long time to be wrong. has a lot of information on what relgions teach and believe.
by Steve aka Estilo April 03, 2007
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