C.C.C. also known as triple C meaning “cross country cunts”. They are the annoying kids in high school who can’t play a real sport so they run cross country.
“That cross country cunt just invited me to his birthday party.”

“Same dude. Why the fuck is a 16 year old having a birthday party at Chucky Cheese’s?”

“I don’t know bro. I hate those C.C.C. kids!”
by Shr6k9ine April 11, 2019
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Color Changin' Click ya'll. Southern mayne Chamillionaire's click. Featuring his bro Rasaq and some other known Texas rappers.
C.C.C. collaberates with Slim Thugga, OG Ron C, Mike 5000 Watts, Paul Wall, 50/50, Young Ro, Big Gem, Lil Flip, Killa Kyleon, etc.
by Yo da new 8ball and MJG is hot January 13, 2005
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Crunk Canadian Club. A club that extremely amazing girls in panama city florida join in order to make their friendships last through highschool. It originated at Jinks Middle School in 2006. Members of the C.C.C. celebrate their awsomeness on July 1 also known as Canada Day (a real legal holiday). The celebrations usually consist of getting really drunk, cheating on your boyfriends, not wearing bra's, and taking your pants off in front of strangers.
Alina: Whoooo get drunk yeahhhhhhh!!!
Becky: o no no no for eternity.
vaGINA: AHAHH a bug bit me i gotstaa take my pants offf!!
Matcat:(cupping breats) I AM WEARING A BRA!!
Momma Savannah: get yo drunk asses in the house before i beat you with my flip flop!!
by OG of da CCC May 30, 2009
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C.C.C similar to B.B.C is another term of a huge white dick. The acronym meaning:
"Oh my god, his C.C.C hit different~"
by Capri<3 October 31, 2021
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Cheap China Crap ,stuff which is total waste of dough since its made ouda cheesy tacky and fucked up crap in China
Hoji: i hear ya got yaself new ride
jack:right ,its chinese tho
Hoji:dumb of ya,ya just blew big money on C.C.C
by Hojatkermani July 29, 2017
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Colonel Cabin Crew. A group of fellas who know how to have one hell of a time. All members of the crew must display one key doctrine: C.C.C over hoes. They also need to have a knack for "omegling." The C.C.C is something to be proud of. It should be considered such an achievement so that you display your membership on the fridge and place it on your résumé. After joining the C.C.C the woman will flock to you like never before.
Dude I got the job
No way man. Congrats!
Yeah he said my membership in the C.C.C is what really sold me to him.
No way yesterday me and girl engaged in sexual intercourse and right after she said it was because I was in the C.C.C.
Dude the C.C.C is the greatest thing that's ever happened to us!
by TheCCCmember January 9, 2014
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