Kirby who's boxing.
A popular gamecharacter from Nintendo.
Dude1: oh man i was kicked out by your kirby
Dude2: my kirby rocks! C=(^_^Q)
by Arthuro April 27, 2006
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questions or concerns
Please share any q/c you may have.
by paojieke August 8, 2016
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It's what you type in to an administrative Windows Command Prompt if you really want to remove all data from the C: drive and the operating system with it.

RD = Remove Directory
C: = The drive letter Microsoft assigns to it's operating systems (If you don't see "C:" use %homedrive% instead)
/s = Removes all directories and files in the specified directory (The C: drive)
/q = Does not show a warning before continuing
Guy 1: Hey man my computer is really slow.
Guy 2: I know to fix that!
Guy 1: Really, how?
Guy 2: Open cmd.exe as admin , then type "rd C: /s /q"
Guy 1: Thanks, I'll do it when I get home!
by xxxman360 June 24, 2017
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What happens when little dicks grow big and strong? They come together and foster an environment where one day other dicks may do the same. We are an army throbbing to the beat of a different drum. Our only mission is to fill you up inside with the warm joy of friendship and in this ecstatic release we hope you rediscover the same passion we feel. With eyes on the future and a firm grip on the present D I C K S Q U A D stays both relative and innovative.
Friend 1: Hey did you hear about the argument with John and Victor?
Fellow member: Too bad their not in D I C K S Q U A D
by milk>cream March 20, 2014
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