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Someone so cool, yet too cool to be described as plain cool; A ridiculously awesome pimp/player.
With his hair slicked back, skinny tie, and girls around him, David was a total C Man.
by HajjHazitSYDahak December 25, 2011
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A super hero who gets super duper powers after he swallows a giant load. super duper powers after consuming a giant load consists of invisibilty, under water breathing, telekinesis, and he can fly.
C-Man must swallow a giant load to become C-Man.
by C-man and friends December 08, 2010
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one whos insults are long, pointless, not very insulting, and consist of a variety of curse words. one who is very stuck up, and thinks too highly of themselves. also one who never shuts up, and craves attention. a cman may also use the word nerd and ownage alot, but is infact a nerd himself.
CmaN: ur funnier then a rainbow colored watermelon

CmaN: more like ownage that enjoys pink shirts and strawberry pie on a summer evening

CmaN: my ownage is legendary

CmaN: i could make you into a sandwich in about 5 seconds
by hello there mister July 28, 2005
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1. The Epitome of all things good.

2. Your master.

3. One Being, who, when combined with another similar being, becomes Omniomni.

4. The coolest person ever to walk the face of the earth.
Wow! I dont feel as if I am even worthy to be in the presence of Cman!
by Im not Cman. July 07, 2003
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One who can, in fact, make perfect brownies, and you know it.
Chris is just jealous because he's not OmniOmni
by thecoolestchris July 13, 2003
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