"I need to C&P that, because it's too long to re-type."
by J* January 1, 2004
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Like copy and paste, but to discribe a person. Used for a boy who would copy and paste the same message to lots of girls. See (sleaze)
"I used to really like him but he's a bit C&P
by X March 29, 2005
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{over messaging system}
Joe:yo, C&P me that convorsation where that chick says she wants to rub peanut butter all over you
Steve: LOL , Okay {copy and pastes said convorstion into chat window, then hits send}
Joe: ROFL!!!!!
by Robo-Christ April 13, 2007
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Like cope & paste, but for a person. A boy who would copy and paste the same message to many girls. See (sleaze).
"God! I used to like him but he just seems so c&p."
by X March 28, 2005
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Guys, this is a c/p from an earlier comment, people are trying to be annoying.
by kuurdie July 24, 2009
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a word-processing term that refers to either :

1. copy and paste
2. cut and paste
I'm just going to c & p this onto my essay.
by the time is now 5:55 October 23, 2006
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Stands for: Cactus Pricker Acadumpia
A ridiculous horrible impossible exam that makes me want to kill myself and have sex with fat chicks muffin tops, even skinny fat girls look good.
Goldberger "Did you see the girl I fucked?"

Kamlet "Yea dude, she was 400lbs, must have been the results of the C P A"
by S & M July 21, 2006
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