to devour or diminish seemingly threatening problems
Ay, that cop is heading over mad rapidly. Betta C Ball dat weed and probably dat gun too
by Floflish June 15, 2010
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another word for a person who is used and accepts the fact that people use them

see also Tool
"Hey if you guys take me to his party tonight ill provide the alch."

"O.k. C Ball"
by Embembobem February 9, 2008
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a bouncy ball often found in vending machines that has been up someone's wordcooch/word, hence "c" ball.
She threw her c-ball at my crotch.
by sandlynx July 7, 2003
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When two men point their dicks directly at each other with their holes lined up and try to cum into each other’s dick holes just to see who has a higher power level.
Wesly came into Brucie’s dick hole and exclaimed, “it’s over 9000!” As he won the battle of Dragon Ball C.
by Master Splinter Dick January 15, 2018
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