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A natural inhabitant of Liberty City. Often found wandering the city streets while muttering incoherently, or congregating in special meetings that are held to make sure that the byeahs "agree" on things.
"There are byeahs everywhere!"

by pleasepleaseplease February 22, 2017
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An over-emphasis of the word "yeah"
Usually used in times of great happiness or for the funnies. The "No" of "BYEAH" is not "BNO" as that just sounds silly, the word is "BANANA"
Alisa to Dan
Alisa: Have fun at the gig last night?
Alisa then punches Dan and elbows him in the side of the head
by FreeNinja Dan November 12, 2008
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To be absolutley positive about something.
"Is F1 a sport?"


"Oh, BYeah!"
by King berious September 01, 2005
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