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1. Buzz Driving is driving with a buzz, not quite drunk, but enough that your awareness and/or ability to drive is somewhat impaired.

2. Another way for the State of Michigan to give you a ticket.

3. A stupid way to drive, especially if you are buzz driving and drink while operating a vehicle; that's just more trouble in the making.
1. The meat headed idiot was Buzz Driving and hit a telephone pole, luckily he hurt no one but himself.

2. She was out for the night, had her thrills then took off for home buzz driving - oh yeah she got a ticket and it set her back $250.00!!!!

3. That lamer was DOA after he tried a stupid buzz drive home and wrapped himself up against a tree. It's a shame, but I am glad that he didn't kill anyone else with his asinine actions.
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
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