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When a man sits or lays down, and a girl, with a ponytail on the high part of her head. Then, the man grabs the ponytail and pushes the ponytail up and down while she gives the man head. Continues, to make the act of churning butter. Then, with the big finale, sweet salty butter is made.
Me and my girl were butter churnin', and it was awesome.

I made like, a gallon of butter last night.

Your girl is great at the butter churner.
by Squattin' Masta' January 25, 2010
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When a lactating women fills a cup with breast milk then a man pours that into her vagina as a lubricant and proceeds to penetrate in and out in a churning motion until a frothy, vitamin filled, butter is made
We did the butter churner last night and had some home grown buttered toast for breakfast .
by God Banjo April 28, 2016
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A garden for milk, which is a vegetable.
Wow, that’s some nice milk you gardened in that butter churner. Sure does look like a vegetable!
by vegetablemilk June 08, 2018
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After a man goes jogging and comes back to his partner, he has her sit on his back while he sits on all fours and has her jerk him off from the back and using his nut butter he aquired from jogging as a lubricant, until he ejeculates or spews shit. creating the realisting butter churning like sensation!
Fact: Fat chicks can not be a butter churner!
1.)Willie like butter churning.
2.)hey honey how about some butter churning afer this run?
3.)I knew he was gay when i asked him to butter churn me and he smiled the entire time!
by sire william magooglethorn March 06, 2005
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