Noun, An amount of money, usually large, approximately enough to buy a jetski with.
"Thats A Buttload of money, enough to buy a jetski with!"
by FRANK THOMAS April 06, 2004
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A large sum of money paid for an item.
The builder in California charged you buttload more for this product than we will.
by Who'sSteve September 14, 2011
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The base unit for 'loads'. Not a whole lot, but will still take a large amount of time to do or be really hard to carry
That's a buttload of comics.
by Spud January 09, 2004
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A buttload is one more than can be carried by one person at one time. A buttload squared equals a buzzillion.

(buttload x buttload = buzzillion)

A variable scale of measurement depending upon the subject.
The quantity of a buttload may vary from person to person.
Therefore, if I can carry one brick, two bricks is a buttload of bricks. And a buttload squared of bricks is four bricks or a buzzillion bricks. (buttload x buttload = buzzillion)

This can be applied to anything and is a varying scale. If I can carry 100 marbles, then 101 marbles is a buttload and 101x101=10,201 makes a buzzillion marbles.

A buttload of work may be influenced by emotional variables difficult to quantify or qualify.

"I have a buttload of work to get done before lunch, and a buzzillion more before I can go home."
by burghowitz February 07, 2012
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A term for a group of baboons.
While on safari in Africa, we encountered a buttload of baboons.
by TXDave November 14, 2007
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