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A child that is concieved by anal sex.
Gestation occurs in the lower intestine and the baby is born through the anal sphincter which dilates (to up to a foot) in diameter for this purpose.
I always thought anal sex was the most reliable form of contraception until i got pregnant with a butt baby and contracted herpes.
by Farmer Fife August 30, 2004
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The aftermath of a furious session of butt sex, butt babies are the resultant mix of shit and cum that is ejected from the recipient's asshole at their next dump.
After taking dick in the ass, Mattia delivered a healthy 1lb. butt baby the next time he went to the restroom.
by UvaFML November 03, 2009
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This refers to a broad category of mentally or physically deformed individuals. Unfortunately for these people, they were conceived after semen seeped from their respective mother's anuses into their vaginas after anal sex. This mixture of fecal matter and sperm, that fertilized their mother's eggs, often produced ghoulish offspring that are genetically predisposed to being very unattractive or educationally inept.
One could say that they passed a short bus full of butt-babies on their home from work or that they saw the maturing process of a butt-baby by watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning".
by C-Murdah April 05, 2007
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Butt Babies is a term used mainly by homosexual men to tell another man that they would like them to ejaculate in their butt.
Durk: I want you to fuck my ass.
Lewis: I want you cum in your ass!
Durk: Lets make Butt Babies together!!!
by Buttsauce January 28, 2008
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A person conceived via anal sex as opposed to vaginal sex that is as a result hideously disfigured to the point of heinousness.
Phil is a buttbaby and he therefore is fucked up looking.
by Tim November 03, 2004
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A ButtBabyy is any child that results from semen seeping into the vagina after anal sex. ButtBaby's can be prevented by using a condom, birth control pills, other contraceptives, and by simply not engaging in anal sex.
Father:"Son, now that your 16, its time we tell you that you werent planned, you were a ButtBaby."

Son:"Thats okay, becuase my girlfreind is pregnent with a ButtBaby."
by Dr.Awz-some August 04, 2010
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Noun; When a man takes a shit so big that it stretches out his asshole. The result is a very large stool that could be the size of a small child.
Man 1, "I took the hugest shit ever just now!"

Man 2, "How big was it?"

Man 1, "It was a Butt Baby!"
by Ronnie Kimbel February 24, 2010
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