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1. what happens when you fuck a girl in the ass and pussy while she is on her period. it's called mudblood because afterward your cock will be covered in shit and blood, or, mudblood.

2. an insult from harry potter, meaning someone is half muggle and half wizard.
harry potter: i fucked my mudblood girlfriend, hermione, and afterward, my pulsating, uncircumsized member was covered with mudblood..
by a genius February 21, 2006
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A criminally underrated american horror film director. he is most known for directing the films 'cabin fever' and 'hostel.' he has also co-created animated projects such as 'chowdaheads' and 'the rotten fruit.' people often make the mistake of taking his films too seriously, which is probably why he is so underrated to begin with.
eli roth's 'cabin fever' was hilarious! why did everyone hate it so much?
by a genius November 5, 2006
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a person who has never heard real music before. if you dislike system of a down, the fan would say you are 1. "too stupid to understand the lyrics" 2. "a mainstream simple plan-loving shithead." (all the while not realizing system of a down IS mainstream music)
system of a down fans love to bitch about how horrible america is. bitch, bitch, bitch. system of a down is pretty much just an emo band for people who are into politics, or who just hate america in general. (and this is coming from a liberal)
by a genius January 28, 2006
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Someone who is incredibly smart yet still needs to study to succeed in life.
by a genius May 21, 2012
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the man who single-handedly ruined nickelodeon with his crappy cartoons like the fairly oddparents and danny fantom.
butch hartman's cartoons all look the same, and on top of that, they suck.
by a genius January 4, 2007
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A fun person (to put it lightly) who acts like their parents dropped them as an infant and tried to reverse the damage by cramming the spilled brains back into the skull.

Hyperactive bowel syndrome and Jacob's syndrome are common in babygoofs.
That guy Eugene is a real babygoof. He poops like three times a day and needs a diaper to contain his dingleberries.
by a genius March 24, 2017
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