Something that most entrepreneur's start their businesses without.
Initial Investor: May I have a copy of your business plan?
Naive Entrepreneur: Well I don't have one per say, it's all in my head.
by TheOneAndOnlyllldd October 13, 2014
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A product differentiation strategy that involves releasing multiple variations of the same product with just notable differences in each successive generation to the point where consumers feel they must upgrade. If the gap between the product the consumer owns and the product the company just released is 2 generation apart or larger, the consumer's product is outdated to the point that its value has plummeted to levels where resell value is less than half of the original cost and/or the company has cut off support for the product either formally or in a de facto manner (e.g. releasing updates to iOS that consume increasing amounts of RAM since it is designed to run on the newer harder with more RAM, but the older hardware becomes defunct because all of its RAM is being used to run the operating system and not any programs, such as music).
I got the iPhone when it came out, but I want to get the iPhone 3GS because it's half an ounce lighter. Unfortunately, the Steve Jobs Business Plan has rendered my iPhone worthless.
by Alpha19745 April 30, 2011
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That's a so fucking cool thing. Your idea can be famous for nothing. You can fucking open a porn-site and the teacher won't say nothing. That's the fucking best idea in the fucking planet.

Like I said that's so good that will blow your mind.
Business-Plan is the best thing ever created
by Bebesmebe March 3, 2020
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