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That's the country where Hitler was born. We also started WW1 and WW2. This country is just amazing. We laugh about something not like this fucking Germany. The best city to live is Vienna, where you can only see Turkish people, how cool. Everybody can swear in every language, that's the best thing. DON'T SAY "HEIL HITLER". We're a slave of Merkel, HELP US.
Hitler is from Austria.
by Bebesmebe March 3, 2020
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He's a fecking good youtuber. He also a fecking psychopath. He always plays Sims and destroy the whole shit game with shit things. In BitLife he's always always afraid to get bonions, but he always gets that.
CallMeKEvinis shit
by Bebesmebe March 3, 2020
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That's a so fucking cool thing. Your idea can be famous for nothing. You can fucking open a porn-site and the teacher won't say nothing. That's the fucking best idea in the fucking planet.

Like I said that's so good that will blow your mind.
Business-Plan is the best thing ever created
by Bebesmebe March 3, 2020
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