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Bush Monkey
{Methius addictivius}
A Bush Monkey is commonly found in the southern parts of the U.S such as Alabama and Arkansas. Bush monkeys are characterized by their addictions to methamphetamine, opiates and in most cases shady demeanor. They spend most of their time scavenging for scrap metal and hiding in the bushes outside your house to connect to your wifi and take anything that isn't tied down.

Not to be confused with the northern term Porch Monkey.
God dammit man I think we have a bush monkey outside! Quick disconnect the wifi and lock the fuckin doors
by Cg420 December 12, 2016
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A nickname for men who like women with big bush
Doug is a bush monkey and loves to eat his girlfriend's hairy bush
by Dubiks December 19, 2018
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a woman of the unusually hairy variety, expecially in the "nether" regions. ex. Madonna in her Playboy pictures.
Hey, yo, weasel that bitch was such a bushmonkey that it would take me all day, a compass, and a brushhog to find her frog.
by Cinna January 05, 2005
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It's what you call someone after you push them into a bush or nearby shrub.
Jack: "Ah ha! BushMonkey!"
John: "ya bastard!"
by aibou June 29, 2011
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The name given to a someone who conceals themselves with shrubbery in unfamiliar territory, then grabs and rapes unsuspecting persons walking nearby, i.e. bush whacking
Jaque: "Carlito I'm going to go bush monkey over near Caitlyn's house, wanna come?
Carlito: "Oh yes please! I always love a good bush whacking!
*Bush monkeys near Caitlyn's house
*Caitlyn walks by
Jaque: "NOW!
*Abducts Caitlyn into nearby bush
by YEETITO January 14, 2016
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