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The worse ever bus to be every made in the whole on London. Often referred to as the latey-four because it is never on time.
FFS when is the Bus 84 coming?
by duckster_ June 13, 2018
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perhaps the worst bus concieved in the history of buses and the combination of the number 84. the bus itself is a perfect specimen, but untold horrors lurk on the inside. The conversations on bus 84 are rarely interesting and/or relevant, aka: "talking shit". The inhabitants of the bus include Ian Fozzard(lol), the elite coaching prodigy, Brayden Wilks, that kid Shayden who always tease everyone unsuccessfully and those girls at the back who sit there and laugh uncontrollably and irritatingly at derogitory terms.
Those girls at the back on bus 84: PENIS!
(all of the girls at the back laugh)

Bus 84 inhabitant #1: hey look at the pokemon i drew
Bus 84 inhabitant #2: oh is that (insert pokemon name here)
Bus 84 inhabitant #1: nahh, this is the evolved version (insert pokemon name here)

bus 84 inhabitant #1: hey brayden, why do you look so sad?
brayden wilks: maybe because this bus is the equivalent to being gagged and violated in alf stewarts rape dungeon and my brain cant hold any more information collected from "talking shit"
by alf stewart June 29, 2010
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