Burnet: It’s a great place to raise your kids if you want them to grow up to be an alcoholic or drug addict. The school is close to the bottom percentile of the state and there is absolutely no good place to do anything there.
Every kid ever: I can’t wait to get out of burnet!
by Fukshat October 16, 2019
to fuck hot girls like grace and ryan
He burneted ryan and graces pussy long and hard!
by John Stitt April 11, 2005
The worst place for a teenager to live. A sleepy little town full of citizens over 65.
Doesn't matter, this is Burnet, Texas.
by Anonymous1245785 December 9, 2010
A boring ass town however home to Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Stephen McGee and Cincinatti Bengals Wide Reciever Jordan Shipley.
Kid: Hey lets go to Burnet Texas

Brother: Nahh its boring there

Kid: But Stephen McGee and Jordan Shipley are from there

Brother: Why do you think there not there anymore?

Kid: Oh
by Dawg40 March 2, 2011