A word that hockey players use for a hamburger also known as burgies ferda Bois
Hey Chad wanna go to McDonald's and pick up some burgies ferda Bois?
by Add pucksnaps April 15, 2017
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Huge hamburger sized nipples. Larger than your standard pepperoni diameter sized nipples. Often marks the presence of well breast-fed children or pets.
Alec: I am so in love with my hot girlfriend- she has some seriously dangerous nipples.

Alex: I know, my burgies are awesome.
by indytuxedocat September 22, 2010
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slang term that means rich or wealthy
Kharmel is so burgis that she uses milk as bath water.
by awitsayo January 4, 2022
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dudeee, he has a burgi
by chinkdick April 11, 2007
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A person from Ogdensburg Ny. He will own many wife beaters and is in fact a wife beater himself.
That burgie didnt even take off his wife beater to beat his wife!
by Greengod315 September 10, 2016
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A guy or maybe a girl who often gets drunk off 2 or 3 beers passes out and pees were he lies. Then he proceeds to have sloppy, wet, pissy sex with the gutter whore next to him. when he wakes up he leaves the scene of the crime before anyone awakens. He later calls that day and apologizes.
"WTF? did that guy just burgy on that couch"

by thatdude513 September 7, 2011
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