Calling someone a Burger is a way of calling them annoying
These kids some burgers
by YamiVFX December 3, 2021
To be said when you think someone is lying or being untruthful.
Julien you’re being such a burger right now
by Burgermaster1235935 November 29, 2019
A reference to Americans and their proclivity for fast food chains, degenerate materialism, and love for spreading "culture" that no one else wants.
Burgers pay
>43% federal tax
>13% state tax
>7% sales tax
>1% property tax
Total: 64% tax
Do burgers really pay 64% of their income on tax?
by hellonello April 29, 2021
Burgers are good but once you eat e'm.. something will pop up! It's worms
by Chicken bite February 15, 2022
A word used to annoy another individual to the point of humility, with no prior context as to what characteristics are attributed to being a burger
Hey, you burger!