burberry:a type of checkered pattern often used on hats even clothing such as: tracksuits t-shirts trousers even socks.burberry is often copied by little cunts made by some fat bastard selling them out of the back of there corsa.burberry is a expensive make which is refured as "designer".burberry can be worn by anybody but often total dick,pikies,rude boys or just people who like the make not just wearing it because it makes them look hard
i dont understand why people hate the people who wear it i have a burberry hat its not fake it was 75 pound but the people who walk round like twats with there market gayberry hats yeah i dont mind hating them because they're a big bunch of fakes.
by callum_lu2 March 04, 2006
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A new way to stop pollution!! Put it on the ol' fire and feel the warmth flow through you as the crappy pattern fades away and is left as ashes.
Side effects - May cause you to piss yourself as you are about to put it on the fire for excitment of burning such a hated brand.
by jayne January 08, 2005
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worn by fashion victims and townies alike it's a beige tartan with white, black and red stripes...ususally worn also by small dogs that have no choice but to wear it.
"do you like my burberry cap, bag and shoes?"
by NatE March 29, 2004
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Staple Chav uniform. No self-respecting, thieving-pikey would leave their council flat without at least an imitation cap.
Rob: Mate, fancy comin' up town tonight to get smacked up on some over-cut charlie?
Matt: Nah mate, nothin' I'd like more than a kebab, pint and a fight but my muv's shrunk my Burberry polo-shirt and you know me...I won't be seen in my nicked motor without it!
by Yvus November 17, 2006
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As worn by the residents of a small coastal town near Fawley! The epicentre of the 'Burberry Massive' "Tartan for Gipo's"
"Hey Dude, like your cap is it Bur-berry? ya know tartan for tossers?"
by Steve Fisher December 07, 2003
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once a very gd highly sought after company that made up market coats....... unfortunatly the tartan designs of this company have been stolen by an intolerably stupid race know most commonly as townies. the brand has been faked and now unfortunatly the cheap scum of the earth can now afford to wear it. NO ONE BY BURBERRY OR YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE CO<K!!!!!!!!
hehehehehe look at that guy he is wearing burberry he must be a townie lets go kick him coz looks stupid
by brian August 10, 2004
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