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A common way to refer to a Chevrolet Suburban, a rather large SUV produced by American car manufacturer Chevrolet, owned by General Motors.
"Damn, I didn't know there was a big ditch on this route, I could really do with a Burban right now!"
by Tom September 17, 2003
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The word burban is a term that reffers to a person who lives in suberbian areas of a city.
It is an offencive word that best describes impoveruished and strnage members of society, common social steryotype's that fit this description are Indie's and filthy chavavians.
An example of a Burban conversation:

'Oi oi mate, watta du todai?'
'Ehhh innit i wents to dat knew tesccoss innit i stole some shapooe and eaten its. What bout chu?'

A normal converstation
'Look at those poor Burbans yah'
'I know they are absoloutley disgusting yah.'
by Bartu May 09, 2008
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The cool people living in the suburbs who look like they could be in the urban areas of the city.
"Dude, that chick lives out in the sticks!"

"WTF?? No way man, she looks like she owns some gallery over in trendy town"

"Nuh, uh! She's totally 'burban"

by holly g. lightly November 09, 2012
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Someone who goes from a dense, and dangerous, urban area into a relativly safe, boring, sexless, and Republican area.
Guy 1: YO, I'm from the GHETT-O. Hear that? I'm a rapper!
Guy 2: Don't you live in a farmhouse?
Guy 3: Ya, he does. Just ignore him; he's a burban.
Guy 2+3: Yaaaaaaa.....
by Matthias Azamer February 06, 2007
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