n. A hooded sweatshirt. Some bunny hugs have zippers, but most do not.

A regional variance on Hoodie, specificly Saskatchewan, Canada.
It was cold outside, so before putting on my jacket I slipped into my bunny hug.
by Devin Davidson May 29, 2003
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a bunny hug is the straight up best definition that most people outside of saskatoon saskatchewan, have never heard of and think is gay.
they are mistaken it's the only well known dope way of saying sweater with or without a zipper without saying hoody
desiree was in california when she asked the lady at the billabong store to see the brown bunny hug.....
desiree was laughed at like a friggen retard and was asked if she took her ridelin today........fuckin sad

say no to hoody......bunnyhugs are dope
by canadaisdope February 27, 2006
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The act of tickling a vagina with your testicles.
Man, I had to really warm Susan up with compliments before I could bunny hug her. And when I did it, she slapped my face and walked out.
by J4r3d December 18, 2007
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Haagh Haaaargh!!! I mights be a mighty pirate, but I'll be ticklin' yer quim with a bunny hug worthy of the softest, fluffiest little fancy lad!!! Arrrrrrrgh!!!
by Craptain Loo Abalone January 23, 2008
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A fat bunny hug is a hug you give people when you are beyond drunk. You go up to someone, generally someone you've never met before, tell them you love them, puke all over their chest and then hug them. During the hug you squeeze them real tight so that the puke spreads all over each person's clothes.
Person one: Check it out, Ricky just gave that fat chick a fat bunny hug.
Person two: Oh shit dude that's bitchin'.
by the fat bunny January 31, 2011
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