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British term for skipping school; participating in truancy; playing hooky.
During 2005/06, DfES defined a persistent truant as a pupil who missed 20 or more days classed as unauthorised absence. Children often refer to it as "doing a bunk", "bunking off" or "skiving".
by Luke Thompson August 05, 2007
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Joe: my mom died yesterday

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by I eat forks with noodles October 30, 2019
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act lazy, mess around, not doing what your meant to.
"stop bunking off and get back to work"
by pooboo May 29, 2008
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When one company uses another product's success to boost their own.
"If you like Coca-Cola, you'll love our soda!" They bunked off Coca-Cola.

"Think 'Sex and the City', but better!" They're bunking off Sex and the City.
by Shane Hart February 27, 2006
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To "entertain oneself" before one has risen for the day, or to masturbate whilst on holiday or resting in a bunk bed.
Reba was annoyed that her college roommate kept bunking off at 6am.
by Reba Organa August 29, 2013
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