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To be over kind to someone to achieve a higher status in life. Often used when and employee is looking for a job or when a guy likes a girl or a girl likes a guy. Does not necessarily mean to lick ones anus.
by Robbie Boot November 14, 2006
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to be up someones arse (the leaders arse in a groop), never to speak but always hovering over,to always listen but never comment,to never leave your side,to always be right next you when possible,you can feel there breath when there not even speaking, always to follow never to lead, someone who always trys to fit in even tho there to close and dont get how close there being.
do you see that kid bumlicking that groop ah what a cunt
by lingling poo tang May 28, 2016
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Sucking up to someone so much that you would do anything for them, including licking their bum - jumping at the chance to do ANYTHING for that person
Stop being such a bumlick, im sure they can do it on their own
by partyloops November 13, 2011
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When someone is over clingy to someone that does not like them or want to be around them
Girl 1: I really don't think we should be friends
Girl 2: do you want me to put your rubbish in the bin then you can stay round my house
Girl 3: she is SUCH a bumlick
by Girlllll183 March 13, 2018
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1. 'Millie Pearce likes this.'

2. "Look at that bumlick buying the teachers leaving presents."

"i know, shes such a Millie Pearce."
3. "Wow you girls all look so beautiful, wish I was you!!!" - Said Millie Pearce as she removed her tounge from their anus'.
4. *Likes a status* -oh i feel like Millie Pearce now..
5. "SERIOUSLY, IF I FIND OUT WHO'S WRITTEN THIS, I'M GOING TO BURN THEM WITH MY HAIR!!!" - Said Millie Pearce as she angrily threw her excma cream down, and peered at her freckly arm. (Y)
by Regina_George July 23, 2011
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When you choose to live in favour of someone and defending them. The person they're defending against is usually bigger or smarter. They usually defend the person in arguments and gang up on 1 person to prove a point. These people are common in large friendship groups
Mateen is such a Bumlick, he always Bum licks Yousef!
by Herba July 13, 2019
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A general word that you use towards someone you hate or are mad at.
Guy: Gimme 50 cents so i can buy an ice cream.
You: STFU bum lick
by AnDrEw April 01, 2005
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