Tom Holt: Open Sesame, page 109 of the paperback, sixth line: "Straight up, Skip, no bull. Look for yourself."
by Monachos June 22, 2009
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The Bull is used to have sex in Trinidad
I cah lime now dwag I wah bull my gyal
by Chef Shon February 02, 2019
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verb: to bull-slang for taking of ones virginity.

noun: an animal or a person ready to get rid of thier virginity.
"i took your bull, in the worst way."

"that bull is ready to get wrangled."
by twat swat December 11, 2009
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Noun or adjective. Someone who talks bullshit. Thinks he/she's cool, but is hated buy everybody.
1.Why do you always gotta be a bull?!? (noun form)
2.Quit being bull! (adjective form)
3.Sometimes used to describe a snotty rich person.
by john.2011 June 29, 2006
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another word for bro, dude, friend or comrade.
A. Yo bull what's up
B. Chilling my bull, chilling like a boss.
by Ciankus March 19, 2009
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a sexually dominant male who, for fun or financial gain, cuckolds and humiliates husbands while servicing their wives.
My wife and I are new to kink and BSDM, but watching that Bull with her for hours was the most impressive thing I've ever seen.
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A word used by Philly cats to describe a male friend or male person.
Your bull is looking for you.
Who dat bull on the corner?
My bull is at the party right now.
by Bobby Roc November 08, 2003
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