A man who enjoys having sex with other men, but only without their consent. The more their prey wiggles and attempts escape the happier the bull queer, due to this their prey are sometimes known as 'wigglers'.

Often found in prisions, army bases and public schools.
I bent over to pick up my soap and the next thing i knew i was being arse raped by a bull queer.
by Clarkey July 02, 2004
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A muscular man who is gay is a bull queer.
It's often assumed that a muscular man flexing while knowingly being video taped is a bull queer.
by deepspace10 February 03, 2011
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A guy who makes fun of or seems extremely discomforted towards gay people
Ya I can't believe how much of a bull queer Jordan is
by Doctor Segway January 21, 2019
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