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A man who enjoys having sex with other men, but only without their consent. The more their prey wiggles and attempts escape the happier the bull queer, due to this their prey are sometimes known as 'wigglers'.

Often found in prisions, army bases and public schools.
I bent over to pick up my soap and the next thing i knew i was being arse raped by a bull queer.
by Clarkey July 02, 2004

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A gentleman who has unfortunately found himself in the grasp of a bull queer. Unknown to the wiggler his frantic wiggling is merely increasing the bull queers excitement, this in turn causes him to pound his engorged manhood into the wiggler with an ever increasing frequency.

Wigglers are usually small and pasty individuals who omit a high pitched squeal when penetrated.
Barry: Hey Larry, fancy coming down to cell block C? I heard they got a new wiggler in yesterday.
Larry: Yeah, why not.
by Clarkey July 05, 2004

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Is a term used for people who have regular sex with endangered species, such as albino rhinos and magical monkeys, a person who is 'el jesso' like smokes up to an ounce a day and likes to drink excessive alcohol in a certain krew, often gets snobbed by bitches who like to hang around with people who live by the hair gel, and die by the hair gel.
A man is half dead in a gutter with a multicoloured banana up his falopian tube "looks like that guy has pulled an El Jesso
by Clarkey November 17, 2004

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