A name often given to a male that likes to drink. A Bugaloo will always be up for a dance, never say no to a dare and always look out for you, he is trustworthy and an honest person, finding even the hardest of situations a breeze. But watch out for a Bugaloo can be crafty and steal any girl or lover from you and into his trance
Damn, he is so honest but drunk. He must be a bugaloo
by Blaize Xav173 June 6, 2017
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bustedlookin, tore up, ugly as hell.
girl what do u see in him, he is a bugaloo.

dam he is lookin straight bugaloo
by TéTé December 28, 2004
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Another term for sex, used by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Man, at that club me and this girl did a nasty Eletric Bugaloo.
by marchingbandhero April 22, 2010
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Much like clam slapping yet with B-holes.
Very similar to muff mashing except you use your shit hatch.
Think of the Twat Taco Tuesday Watoosi but replace the Twat tacos with Brown Corn Ports
Jill wasn't excommunicated because she only partook in the Dirt Button Bugaloo.

Pregnancy wasn't an option, and my purity ring shone bright that night with the Lord's light, so we commenced with the Dirt Button Bugaloo.
by 1RMFRK July 2, 2014
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