Only the greatest show ever to be created.
1. Created by the oh wonderful Joss Whedon
2. Has a butt kicking heroine
3. Has great characters and greater dialouge

Was on for seven years but the "Retarded Channel" Also known as "The WB" canceled it.
"Shes so hot, shes Buffy"
by Chris McElwain February 13, 2005
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The greatest show in the universe. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar...and the hot ass David Boreanaz. Greatness. :sigh:
I own Buffy Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD because only the old seasons are good.
by Rey Z April 28, 2003
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Nickname for a 'sub-machine gun', generally used while playing video games of the Timesplitters/Halo ilk.

'Sub-machine gun' is often written in the abbreviated form "SMG". SMG are also the initials of Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose most famous and popular role is that of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. By this tenuous yet valid link a sub machine gun may be referred to as a 'buffy'.
Player 1: "I keel you, I keel you"
Player 2: "You bastard, you only killed me cos you were using a buffy"
by saznar November 10, 2006
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This girl is out going,sexy ,and easy going always has a smile till her feelings are hurt or unless she is mad otherthen that she is an alsome person.She loves the outdoorsand loves meeting knew people and making knew friends.She is very sexywith an outragous personailty
Buffy like a Rose you've never seen before just gorgous
by Rose Mae February 25, 2010
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