Animated goaltender for the Italian national team. Highest paid goaltender in football. Plays for Juventus.
by Dan October 31, 2003
Hair thats really big and puffy and looks like shit
Look at gemmas buffon , shes ugly man
by Jess + Chloe :) June 23, 2008
1- like or befitting buffoons.
2- Relating to or characteristic of a buffoon.
1- buffonic actions
2- buffonic dancing
3- "That kid is actin' pretty buffonic if ya ask me".
by jzneagle December 18, 2009
Originating from the Italian language this word means clown, joker, pagliaccio (or pagliazzo). Becoming popular in Scotland with the arrival of the Lazzarini brothers.

Also see pagliaccio or pagliazzo.
Ehehehh, you are a real buffone David... I can't believe you said that.

Rickybu what a buffone are you?
by Aldo Lo Spavaldo May 1, 2005
J.C-Buffone I think ur a HOTTY
Buffone-Nah Im a SEXY BEAST!!!!
by Ryan November 19, 2003
Simply means "getting stoned".
Taken from the "Best goalie in the world" (besides Jerzy Dudek from Liverpool 05' UEFA Champs)who plays for Juventes
Yo im so buffoned right now.

Tom (matt) is buffoned

Craig is buffoned

Tyler is Buffoned

Ross is Buffoned

Kenny is Buffoned

and Brian wants to be buffoned too.
by RLOVE June 21, 2005