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Spanish word.When used as greeting "¡Buenas!" means "Hello, how are you". Used when you enter to a room for the first time during the day. Like "Good Morning" or "afternoon".

Another use is like "Estoy the buenas". He or She is in good spirits or mood.
"Buenas, ya llegué" "Good morning, I'm here"

You can talk to him, está de buenas. You can talk to him, he's in good mode.
by Marco Villafán December 01, 2006
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1. Meaning "Good" in Spanish

2. A slang for gorgeous, sexy-fatty lady in Cayman Islands; Finger Lick'n good!
Hey, you're soooo beautiful... you're so buena!
by zhred August 24, 2009
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a town where a lot of retards, sluts, whores, and douchebags live. if you wanna get laid go to buena and i guarantee you will with no problems. also filled with tons of drama that is unnecessary. also lots of rumors get started in this town.
Have you been to buena, its full of douchebags.

Hey at least our town isnt as bad as buena.
by Psychotic Murderer January 07, 2011
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A Greeting from a lantin american orthodox jewish person who has a voice modulation problem.
BUENAS Jaime!!! !!!Would you like to work on my cartel?!!!
by Riem June 19, 2003
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