Spanish word.When used as greeting "¡Buenas!" means "Hello, how are you". Used when you enter to a room for the first time during the day. Like "Good Morning" or "afternoon".

Another use is like "Estoy the buenas". He or She is in good spirits or mood.
"Buenas, ya llegué" "Good morning, I'm here"

You can talk to him, está de buenas. You can talk to him, he's in good mode.
by Marco Villafán December 1, 2006
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A Greeting from a lantin american orthodox jewish person who has a voice modulation problem.
BUENAS Jaime!!! !!!Would you like to work on my cartel?!!!
by Riem June 19, 2003
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1. Meaning "Good" in Spanish

2. A slang for gorgeous, sexy-fatty lady in Cayman Islands; Finger Lick'n good!
Hey, you're soooo beautiful... you're so buena!
by zhred August 24, 2009
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A small town on the south west corner of Atlantic county. It borders Folsom, Hamilton Township, Weymouth, and Vineland. It is home to 4356 residents. Every year it has signups for Buena Little League/Senior League and softball. It also has football and cheerleading in the fall
Jason: My son is playing baseball in Buena today.
Ricky: Damn they are on a winning streak, watch out.
by Subscribe to ZDub July 22, 2021
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Spanish for "Good night" or "Good evening."

"Buenas noches" can be used as a greeting or a farewell. The singular, "Buena noche," is usually used only in farewells or to describe a night, e.g. "Hace una buena noche" (It's a nice night).

It literally means "Good nights." This may come from "Buenas noches nos dé Dios," translated as, "May God give us good nights."
Buenas noches! Cómo has estado?
(Good evening! How have you been?)

Buenas noches! Qué duermas con los angelitos!
(Good night! Sleep tight!) (Literally: Good night! May you dream with the little/precious angels!)

Quería desearte solo buenas noches y recordarte que en mi corazón siempre estas tu. Buenas noches, mi único amor.
(I would like to wish you only good nights and remind you that you'll always be in my heart. Good night, my one and only love.)
by Mama Jamama January 21, 2012
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Buena Vista is an historic town in Central Colorado located in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. The Arkansas River and the Collegiate Peaks with numerous fourteeners dominate the region. Mining, railroading, and ranching are the major historical influences. Today outdoor recreation activities such as whitewater kayaking,rafting,mountain biking, road cycling,trail running, climbing, bouldering, hiking, and much more dominate the local scene. In winter, Alpine, Nordic, and backcountry skiing & snowboarding and snowshoeing are available. The Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail transit the area, and there are many, many miles of other trails. The area is am outdoor enthusiasts' dream, and it's still pretty cheap. The vibe is really laid back and unpretentious. People wear Tevas, Chaco, Keens, Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Royal Robbns, Marmot, etc. - to court or church. Buena Vista is home to one of the original independent outdoor shops, The Trailhead and Trailhead Cycle & Ski. They are small but very good and still one of the best outdoor shops - bar none - in the world. The Trailhead is the best place to go for any information on outdoor activities, places to go, and anything you need from outdoor gear, clothes, stove fuel, bike parts, footwear, travel items (you name it) while you're in the area. Locals and visitors all go there. They can handle everything and everybody from hard-core dirtbag hikers and climbers to trustafarians to MountainSexuals to a trip to Europe.
Kim - "What are you doing this summer?"

Joan - "I'm going to be a raft guide in Colorado on the Upper Ark. I hear it's a wonderful area and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be living in Buena Vista, about halfway between Leadville and Salida."

Kim - "Wow, that's great. Go to The Trailhead in Buena Vista when you get there. They're great folks and they'll take great care of you. They'll make you feel really welcome."
by da Chetster April 5, 2009
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Literally "good wave" it is commonly used to mean "good vibes" in Latin America
Digo, siempre has sido pues, bien buena onda.
by fink540 April 3, 2016
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