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A place where buds can come together and hang out, chill, play video games, eat junk food, and have a generally AWESOME, budtastic time. Not to be confused with bud hole or associated with weed or marijuana in any way.
Stu: "Hay man! What are you doing?"
Brian: "Nothing! What do you think?"
Stu: "Oh! Sounds boring, wanna come over and Chill in my Budhole? I have Pizza and Gears of War 4!!!"
Stu: "SWEEET! That sounds badass I'd love to see your Budhole!!"
by EctoNERD August 10, 2017
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Where you put the bud. Can be used to refer to any type of marijuana smoking device.
Hey man, put some green in the bud hole.
Sometimes you gotta put your finger in the bud hole.
Pack the bud hole!
by roguestatus March 31, 2011
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The horrendous smell of a bong from the nasty water.

"Yo Carl, what's that profound smell?"

"Floyd, your bong smells like budhole!"
by Batrochyn'sviibe January 18, 2009
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