One who will do anything to further his own personal interests without regard for the impact his actions will have on the interests of his "friends" or colleagues. Buddyfuckers cannot be trusted to "do the right thing" and have no regard for abstract principles such as ethics or morals.
This title is used frequently in the U.S. Naval Aviation community. When speaking discreetly, Aviators may say "buddy is only half of a word."
I can't believe Brad tried to steal my job just so he could get a bonus; he is such a buddyfucker!

I can't believe Brad tried to steal my job just so he could get a bonus; to him, buddy is only half of a word.
by The_Melvin April 2, 2010
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During the Vietnam War, and on until the mid 1980's, the term 'buddyfucker' referred to soldiers with the Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) 05G, Communications Security (or COMSEC) Specialist. COMSEC's job was to monitor friendly radio and telephone traffic for security weaknesses; the rumor started that they were looking for soldiers engaged in criminal activity. MOS 05G was replaced in 1985 by MOS 97G, Multi-Discipline Counter-Intelligence Operator/Analyst.
"Careful what you say on the phone; COMSEC could be listening in. Those buddyfuckers don't pay."
by BigDaddyLVN March 27, 2018
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One who screws a friend for his own selfish gain.
That buddyfucker played like we were buds then told the boss I was an assclown.
by bobby the assclown February 23, 2005
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