When someone gives you information that is useless or not meaningful in anyway.

Used to describe something that is just rubbish
by amb86 July 31, 2015
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A bucket of shit is a red bucket filled to the brim with dog shit,it stinks and you dont want it to tip over inside the house or its clean up the dog shit time.
Fuck thats a big red bucket of dog shit ,fucken stinks is it all one dog or many mutts that contributed to the collection of dog shit hey im gonna sell it on fucken ebay what the bucket or the shit? um both. Shit in a red bucket you will never see a deal like this again.Mate that city reminds me of a bucket of shit.
by ALEX DON August 13, 2006
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A contraction of "fell into a bucket of shit and came out smelling like a rose." meaning I was very lucky.

To experience unusually good fortune.
"Hey brah, you sure got a great job."

"Yeah, I fell into a bucket of shit."
by Austin Mack July 20, 2006
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an item necessary for obtaining a high level within the BattleField franchise
Jeff: check out that guys level
Paul: i wonder if he's emptied his shit bucket
by yous a bitch nigga November 23, 2013
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A gamer's tool used to empty feces without going to the bathroom subsequently losing time to play more video games.
Damn, I played Halo so hard that My shit bucket overflowed.
by s0larpower August 20, 2014
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A bucket for collecting feces and urine.
Instead of walking down the hall to the restroom, Ed takes a dump in the shit bucket and empties it weekly.
by FGump September 17, 2008
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A once good friend that has recently become addicted to online gaming.
Guy: Tim use to be a cool guy before online gaming.
Girl: Yeah, he's become a real shit bucket lately!
by ultraforwarden January 10, 2013
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