3 definitions by ALEX DON

A bucket of shit is a red bucket filled to the brim with dog shit,it stinks and you dont want it to tip over inside the house or its clean up the dog shit time.
Fuck thats a big red bucket of dog shit ,fucken stinks is it all one dog or many mutts that contributed to the collection of dog shit hey im gonna sell it on fucken ebay what the bucket or the shit? um both. Shit in a red bucket you will never see a deal like this again.Mate that city reminds me of a bucket of shit.
by ALEX DON August 13, 2006
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the word buddy in australia is a fucking put down and if you ever call me it again ill point it at your fucking children
We are buddy.or OK buddy ill see you later.
by ALEX DON August 14, 2006
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Basically a person who has no faith in the human race.A boring shithead who thinks the game of life is over and has no respect for society as a whole .A love machine frequency fuck head ,who is basically a dirty fucken buy over.Meat for the fucking grinder is a square fuck
The sqaure fuck thinks its funny when a tower starts playing up and says and does things to make it worse for everyone ,fuck the circle .The buzz is on him and he doesnt come down to earth he must be a square fuck.
by ALEX DON August 13, 2006
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