Buck off is the translation of fuck off by someone who has removed their dentures a la Albert Steptoe

Buck off 'arold, I've left me gnashers in the 'orse's bucket and now I can't talk proper. (This needs to be spoken whilst pulling your top and bottom lips over your teeth as if you have none - try it its fun :) )
by Almeria August 14, 2009
v. to hit someone in a very hard manner as to injure them severly in anger
if you say that again i swear ill buck off on you

im going to buck off on you
by caramel J March 18, 2009
To go crazy. To run amok in an urban sense. To take something to an extreme level.
Dude buys a bag of weed. When he gets home he discovers its oregano, a burn bag. He tears up the bag. Kicks over a chair. Punches a hole in the wall while vowing revenge. His girlfriend is cowering in the corner. She hits her sister up on her cell, telling her, "Get over here and pick me up. He's going 'off bucks!'"
by Barbeast September 4, 2012