3 definitions by Almeria

The paw marks that your beloved feline pet leaves after she has had a dump in the litter box and trod in her somewhat damp turd. When she exits the box to come and say hello and be told what a good girl she is there is a shitty trail of paw prints on your floor
Hey Mick, Freddi just had a dump and left shitprints on the floor again. I suppose it's my turn to clean up again...
by Almeria August 21, 2009
Buck off is the translation of fuck off by someone who has removed their dentures a la Albert Steptoe

Buck off 'arold, I've left me gnashers in the 'orse's bucket and now I can't talk proper. (This needs to be spoken whilst pulling your top and bottom lips over your teeth as if you have none - try it its fun :) )
by Almeria August 14, 2009
The condition that happens when you go for a piss but don't want touch your cock. You manoevre it out of your pants without touching it and don't hold it in your hand. The problem occurs when you don't do the three shakes and the piss then rolls down your leg when you get your cock back in your pants.
Ah shit Brian, I just did a no touch cock piss and now have soggy ankles
by Almeria August 22, 2009