A scruffy clepto that would rather scrounge for things they can actually afford.
Why is Andy felching coffee when he`s on £30k a year the fucking Steptoe!
by wool dog February 5, 2011
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Stepto is a man named Stephen Toulouse. He joined the Microsoft Corporation in April, 1994.

He now works for Xbox LIVE as the Director of the Policy and Enforcement.

Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse's fame has grown recently for trying to take down a popular gaming community group known as the Federation of Asshole Gamers.

Most people deem his reasons for trying to take the group down invalid.

Stephen Toulouse was born in August, 1972.
Stepto - It seems as though DJ Keemstar is entertaining over 60,000 people at the cost of 1 person. Let's threaten to destroy the group!
by Serious_Lemur August 25, 2010
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To be incredibly defensive, yet incredibly sexy.
She was definitely class "A" dating material; stepto, but worth it.
by Ator Lollerson August 16, 2004
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To engage in the act of coitus during a females menstration cycle. derived from popular uk tv show "Steptoe and Son" who were - Rag and Bone men.
It had been so long since i got my leg over, i couldnt wait for denzel and hackman to leave the sub so i just steptoed.
by Ripped Manly January 22, 2008
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