Completely kickass band of the late 1990s. Lead singer was Josh Todd, an intensly charismatic, sexy man with an amazing voice.

Made famous by the cocaine anthem "Lit Up", featured on their s/t album.
Put Buckcherry back in the CD changer, I want to listen to "Time Bomb" again.
by AcrylicDrama May 27, 2004
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The main man musician of the 20th-21st century, crazy bitch was definatly a great tune.
Crazy bitch, sunshine, and everything are good examples of buckcherry
by FatKev June 9, 2006
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the act of spontaneously having sex with a nasty stranger in the mens room of a dive bar while the song 'crazy bitch' by buckcherry is playing in the background.
I think theyre going to go buckcherry
by mttav February 6, 2011
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"Shocker"ing a girl except the opposite way, 2 fingers up the ass and only 1 up the pussy
Tom tried to give his girl the shocker but it was dark and after wrestling around for a while he accidentaly gave her the buckcherry
by Buckcherry December 1, 2006
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the buck cherry is when you take a virgin girl, get her naked, form a 69 sex position with you on top and sprinkle a lino of cocaine on her pussy or VAGINA and sniff her brains out.
i was sixtynining a virgin, and i did the buckcherry.
by cory rashotte October 2, 2006
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Noun; a disorder where you are only with your guy/girl because he/she fucks so good.

In fact, you actually can't stand him/her, but the sex is just too superb to pass up.
"Yo, that bitch is fucking crazy, why are you still with her?"

"I can't help it, man, I got a case of the buckcherries."

"Oh, okay."
by stellarstar August 6, 2008
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