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A funny guy with a big dick. All around a perfect guy.
Girl 1: Your boyfriend is perfect.
Girl 2: Yeah I know. He's a real Bryten
by CatFishCamaro October 12, 2016
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A once magical kingdom, filled with ponies, cotton candy, and spare buttons. As a name it implies having sparkling, magical eyes, with a glittery smile.
She is a solid Bryten, did you see those eyes?
by JaLakyn June 27, 2018
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Bryten's are caring, loving, funny and kind. They generally have a lot of friends but don't talk to a lot of them. Bryten's try there best to always be there for friends. Despite all that Bryten's dont know what he's worth, He normaly blames his self in tragedy. Bryten's genuinely believe that could have stopped/prevented the situation.
Guy- oh my god your so caring

Girl- yeah you could say I'm like a Bryten
by Black pathogen September 22, 2019
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