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A Little Dab'll Do Ya!

A classic men's hair product, in fact one of the first exclusively marketed to men, since 1928. Gives hair a light hold, a great (to some, notorious) shine, and a masculine, old-time barbershop scent. Most popularly used in the 1940s, '50s, and early to mid-'60s. It was a staple men's grooming product, at competition with other products like Vitalis, Wildroot Cream Oil, Groom and Clean and others. It probably remained the most well-known.

Watch any black and white movie or show, such as The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Psycho, or The Andy Griffith Show to name a few and you are guaranteed to see almost all of the men wearing heavy amounts of this magic substance. Those shows were made when the 'wet look' was popular and almost unheard of not to sport in theater.

Since the 1960's, popular use of Brylcreem has been diminished greatly. The very few who still use it are the old men who grew up in the era. Contrary to popular belief, Brylcreem is not 'greasy' as long as you don't use too much. FAR more stylish and manly than any modern Axe product available.

I am probably the only 16 year old who wears Brylcreem daily.
Me: *wears a small dab of Brylcreem to school*

Girls: "Your hair looks nice!"

Me: "Why, thank you!"

Me: *wears a large amount of Brylcreem to school*

Girls: *faint*
by Bunjier January 31, 2014
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the origianl hair product. A really really strong hold kinda stuff, like, wax without the shine. Brylcreem is probably what was used in GREASE, and has been known to leave huge stains on pillows. can smell(if ur using the ancient stuff)
Wow, check out that mohawk, did you use brylcreem or something?
Is there any shops 'round here that sell bryclreem?
by converse rule the world! August 26, 2006
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