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1) Most Rachels are sweet, caring, respectful individuals. However, there is one particular exception: She is a vile, obnoxious, ugly, slut that has no morals or worth. Becuase of her disrespectful selfish whoreish behavior, she is best to be avoided; especially when a boyfriend, fiance, or husband is present. She doesn't care who she hurts - she just desires the need to feel loved by being a slut.

This Rachel is trashy, appalling and incredibly two faced. You can't trust her under any circumstances and caution is recommended when dealing with her. She thinks of no one but herself and the needs of her disgusting loose vagina. She deservies the very worst in life because that is what she gives to others and is despised by many!

You can spot this Rachel easliy due to her horrid features such as her large nose, hugh thighs and thick man arms. She dresses like a socially retarded teenager even though he is well into her 20's. This Rachel lives in Lemont, IL and can be found anywhere that sells coffee. It is worth noting that caution should be had when near this Rachel. She is a despicable bitch, and more worthless than the cum stains on her bedsheets

Person 1: "Hey, do you know that dude over there? he keeps staring."
Person 2: "Oh, that's Rachel."
Person 1: "WOAH! That's a girl?"
Person 2: "Yeah, that's the chich Jake slept with."
Person 1: "Nasty! What was he thinking?"
Rachel Bryla
by a friend of dont mess baby 666 February 27, 2013
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