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"Where today's alcoholics are tomorrows CEOs"
"A Drinking school with a Busines problem"
"Bryant University: Say no to Sobriety"
"We pregame harder than you party"

this is where everyone knows how to party and party hard.
its where you come for a good time.
Dude this party is soo beat, lets go get trashed at Bryant University where they know how to party.
by Nate G February 08, 2006
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Bryant University is a school with a beautiful campus, great business programs,nice social atmosphere, and a great job placement program upon graduation. Those Bentley fuckers only talk shit about Bryant because they're in secure, and let's face it, if it were a "shitty" or "safety" school, Bentley wouldn't actually make fun of it. Obviously Bryant is a legitimate rival to Bentley, so Bentley,being the pompous little rich kids they are, have to sling shit at Bryant.
Bryant University grads do as well as just about anybody else in the business world (Ask Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, and he'll reaffirm this, one of many references), and those insecure Bentley cumstains can fuck off.
by Harpoon IPA April 14, 2007
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A beautiful business and liberal arts school located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. A large majority of students did get into Bentley but chose Bryant for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Truly a fun school were the students play hard and work hard to achieve the character of success.

Bentley finds it necessary to insult Bryant because they have nothing better to do.
"Why did you choose Bryant University over Bentley?"
"The academics seemed just as good, Bryant University just felt like home while the people at Bentley were very stuck up and rude "
by golden34 June 20, 2011
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This is where we end up when we dont get into Bentley. Definitely true, but even more true for those who are not originally from Rhode Island.
Student A: Did you know that Bentley's undergrad was ranked in the top 50 (31st) by Businessweek in 2006?

Student B: Ugh yeaa... i wanted to go there, but didnt get in... Bryant University isn't even in the rankings.
by Tweety Bird May 16, 2006
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A respectable business school located in Rhode Island with intelligent students and good teachers. However, if the students there would have gotten into Bentley they would be surrounded by crazy-intelligent students and phenomenal teachers. Most Bryant students say they hate Bentley, but they only say this because they did not get in. They also recently moved up to D1 sports because they were getting tired of Bentley beating them all the time; they figured it was time to get whooped by some new teams.
Bryant Student: "Hey guess what... I'm going to Bryant University."
Sensible person: "Ummm ok. don't you know that Bentley is wayyyy wayyy better?? You should have tried to get in there...."
by i can do my own taxes December 14, 2009
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A school in the boondocks of suburban Providence, RI full of kids who are not only too stupid to get into Bentley or Babson College, but to realize that they could have gotten a similar education for about 1/3rd the price at a state school. Routinely get beaten by Bentley College in all sports, except football, which is ending now because Bryant has decided to turn their football team into a 1-AA team, where they will probably be scheduled by Boston College for one of their monthly shit-on fests. To rationalize their overall mediocrity and pre-destined lives of middle-management, they like to refer to the schools that rejected them (in particular Bentley) as "rich pricks" who only got into Bentley because their parents bought them into school, when in fact many of Bentley students are from the same middle class areas as the bitch and moaning Bryant kids, and even if they are right about rich kids being bought into school, it still tells you something that parents would rather shell out the cash to make their kid a Falcon instead of a Bulldog.
Jimmy: "Hey Chris, I got into Bentley, how about you?"
Chris: "I chose to go to Bryant University, the people are nicer, the campus is nice, and the Providence area is cooler than the Boston area."
Jimmy: "You got rejected from Bentley and are desperately trying to rationalize that you're cool with Bryant, aren't you?"
Chris: "Yeah."
by jdr0317 June 15, 2008
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Bryant University is small business school in Rhode Island. Students here try to tell themselves that they chose Bryant because of the friendly atmosphere and competitve athletics, but really they know that they ended up there because they couldn't get into Bentley College, the real business school which is located an hour north. Bryant students try to support their teams against their "rival" Bentley college, yet, when they are leaving the game, once again defeated, they think to themselves, "I wish I wasn't such a fucking retard and got into that school."
"Hey Joe! where are you ending up next fall?"

"I'll be studying business at Bryant University!"

" must be retarded. Speaking with retards is against my religion. Try to not be such a retard this year and maybe Bentley will feel bad and let you transfer in!!"
by Jakeypoo December 02, 2007
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