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A good business college in Waltham, MA, with notable programs in the Financial world (Accounting, Finance, Corporate Finance & Accounting, Economics-Finance). It is a medium sized school of around 4,200 undergrads, but provides large school academic resources thanks to its strong business focus. Not the school to go to if you're looking for ethnic diversity, though up to 10% of the school's undergraduates are from outside the US.

Known in business circles in New England as the Marsha Brady to the Jan Brady that is Bryant University. At Bryant, you get a lot of anger and jealousy about not getting accepted to go to Bentley, and you're left with a lot of irrelevant straw-grasping about how they have DI sports now, and how they were a university first, and other things that don't really matter. DI Sports don't matter too much when HS day visiting students are the only ones volunteering in class and having a general idea of what the hell is going on, and when the most notable occurrence to your football program is when your coach skips town after the final game and leaves his team without even saying goodbye.

In the Brady bunch, metaphorical sense, Bentley gets all the boys, while Bryant wears ridiculous wigs and says "The New Jan Brady".
HS Senior #1: I'm going to Bryant.
HS Senior #2: Sucks for you, man, I got into Bentley University, and got grants and scholarships to go.
HS Senior #2: Why are you yelling?
by jdr0317 December 26, 2009
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A phrase uttered by the mentally handicapped portion of New York Yankees fans; used to describe any player on a former championship team, regardless of skill level. Alternatively used for any good player that isn't on the Yankees, like Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer, or Chipper Jones, because obviously being good makes you a "True Yankee" regardless of team.

Also, the opposite of "True Yankee" is any player that is never wins a title with the team. As a result, they will be labeled as un-clutch by the media regardless of actual baseball playing ability. Very notable examples include Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, and the entire 1980's roster besides Don Mattingly.

A "True Yankee" carries a magical aura that allows them to play a metaphysical, other worldly form of baseball which results in hyper clutchness, which is why Luis Sojo > Alex Rodriguez.
Moron: Dude, A-Rod sucks, I miss Brosius.
Intelligent form of human life: What? Brosius was a career 94 OPS+ hitter, A-Rod's like 147.
Moron: But dude, Brosius was a true yankee.
Intelligent form of human life: /backs away quickly, consults with CIA about possible bio warfare that infects brains.
by jdr0317 July 08, 2009
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A school in the boondocks of suburban Providence, RI full of kids who are not only too stupid to get into Bentley or Babson College, but to realize that they could have gotten a similar education for about 1/3rd the price at a state school. Routinely get beaten by Bentley College in all sports, except football, which is ending now because Bryant has decided to turn their football team into a 1-AA team, where they will probably be scheduled by Boston College for one of their monthly shit-on fests. To rationalize their overall mediocrity and pre-destined lives of middle-management, they like to refer to the schools that rejected them (in particular Bentley) as "rich pricks" who only got into Bentley because their parents bought them into school, when in fact many of Bentley students are from the same middle class areas as the bitch and moaning Bryant kids, and even if they are right about rich kids being bought into school, it still tells you something that parents would rather shell out the cash to make their kid a Falcon instead of a Bulldog.
Jimmy: "Hey Chris, I got into Bentley, how about you?"
Chris: "I chose to go to Bryant University, the people are nicer, the campus is nice, and the Providence area is cooler than the Boston area."
Jimmy: "You got rejected from Bentley and are desperately trying to rationalize that you're cool with Bryant, aren't you?"
Chris: "Yeah."
by jdr0317 June 15, 2008
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