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Tactless, hurtful, candid openess completely disregarding another’s feelings, hopes, dreams, or desires.
Boy says to Girl with Brutal Honesty on the day before Valentine’s Day: “I have to say no. I’m not ready to meet your kid right now. And tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day--I’m not there yet.”
by SparklingHoneysuckle February 14, 2010
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When one is completely, totally honest in their opinion when asked for it. Often these opinions aren't sugar-coated like that of the regular "honest" person.
Mary: Chole, do you think Johnny and I are ready for marriage?
Chloe: You've only known each other for three months. You'd be marrying what most people consider acquaintances. Take your time.
Mary: You're such a bitch Chloe, why did I even ask? You don't always have to use brutal honesty!

Fred: (wearing old, tattered shoes) Do you think I should get new shoes?
Bill: Yeah, those are getting pretty out of shape Fred.
by ethicalobstinacy December 16, 2015
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What guys use to get you to look over the fact that they're being total and complete assholes
Man: Talking to you is so frustrating
Woman: Wow that was a jerk move
Man: It was brutal honesty, babe.

Woman: Oh okay, never mind then! :D
by Oliver Woodstock October 13, 2011
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