It's not really a ghetto word for brought, just an example of bad grammar.
Sherman: I brung my homework to class.

Ms. Glasset: Since this is Language Arts, I can only assume that you're going to get an 'F' on it.
by Phil Errup October 15, 2004
the past tense of bring (if you dont believe me look in the real dictionary. its there)
enemy: bring it
you: its been brung
by Sandy angel November 1, 2006
A smoothly bent rectangle of metal, usually bent hamburger-style. It commonly has holes in it where screws would go.
I used the brung to fix the gate.
by GodCube October 3, 2007
Like bring your own booze but when you have to bring your own food to a barbeque.
Jimmy: Hey you coming to Chris' bbq later?
Dave: Yeahmate I got some steak its burn what you brung
by Harvey Carpenter May 17, 2008