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Bruhism is a fast-spreading religion, in which the "God" is @Bruhssia on Instagram.

Rumor has it some so called "Bruhists" perform Bruhssian rituals to summon the God, yet all attempts so far have been fruitless. Also, Bruhism is an international religion that welcomes all sorts of people into their religion, but those who don't ship AmeriPan, (America x Japan from popular anime Hetalia), are considered a lower part of society based on ignorance to what must be the biggest ship in the navy.

Bruhism started on Sunday, January 25, 2015 in the morning, and proceeded to expand after.

Bruhism is now beginning to invade Tumblr, and most followers pray for it's popularity and support.
What's your religion? Oh, my religion is Bruhism, where AmeriPan is our main ship and @Bruhssia on Instagram is our Lord.
by Kabruh January 25, 2015
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