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A town in Texas that has become known for its tolerance towards the homosexual lifestyle. In honor of Brownwood's acceptance of alternative lifestyle, the term Brownwood has been associated with gay anal intercourse.
After banging his teammate in the booty, the gay Lion was left holding Brownwood in his hand.
by Rocket_Rodney July 17, 2008
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1. A town in Texas best known for a large homosexual population.
2. The result of anal intercourse.
3. The erection of a black man.
4. Wood that is actually brown.
I was cruising for foxes in Brownwood, when a big black stud hit me upside my head with a brownwood club and then booty raped me with his brownwood, resulting in his erection becoming brownwood.
by Brownwood_Booty_Slammer July 28, 2008
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