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An utter awesomeness of wicked magic, superfluous skills, and a keen sense of wizardry. One who possess Brown Magic, is known to be on a higher yet parallel plane to those who practice Black Magic except massively funnier.
Don't cross Brown Magic, he will punch your eye brows off...
by BM106 July 24, 2008
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A person of middle eastern descent who is able to use their charm and skill to woo the opposite sex. If used properly, their smooth conversation style and charisma can charm even the coldest of admirers. The phrase was coined after being used on set by Executive Producer Samir Karimi and again when it was re-referenced in the movie Super Troopers.
"Wow that girl is really all into him"
"Yeah he really worked that Brown Magic"
by Sabm3 December 17, 2009
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one of the dark arts practiced in secret only by those initiated in the circle of the bum troubler.beware of brown magicians trying to fool you with their heathen tricks to succumb to their cult and recieve the mark of deep shit diver.
he really looked straight to me.maybe he was turned by some out-of-this-world act of brown magic.
by sk3pt1c February 02, 2006
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