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When you’ve pooped once already, and didn’t wipe very good, then poop a second time, the resulting butt stamp on the back of the toilet seat is known as a brown eagle.
I really need to take a dump but somebody stamped a brown eagle on the toilet seat.
by The real B Jones October 15, 2018
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The act of a man shitting. Then while shitting, a female climbs on the mans lap facing him and begins having sex. The man spreads his legs allowing a pathway, so the women can also begin shitting. A proper Brown Eagle will result in a well timed double plop in the toilet.
Dude, she brown eagled me and clipped my balls on the follow through, I have a giant brown stain on them!
by Pound Town Pepper August 04, 2010
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When a girl opens her legs so far that her pussy actually splits in half, and you take a dump in her open pussy.
When I walked in the room the girl was spread eagle on the bed, and i took a huge shit in her pussy."Brown eagle"
by The super Flying Dutchman April 29, 2009
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